In 1986 the company 'Altec Maschinenvertrieb GmbH' is founded in 49596 Gehrde. The business activity starts with trading on woodworking machines, splinter exhausts, splinter heaters, hand attachments, machine tools etc. Also used machines are purchased and repaired and repaired for resale.


With the shifting of the company headquarters to Neuenkirchen Voerden into the larger premises, the risen space requirements in November 1987 were satisfied.


A change of name (amendment of the by-laws) takes place into 'Altec Maschinenbau und Vertrieb GmbH'.
Due to and the larger need at inquired massif wood furniture and glued wood increases, developed in the carpenter handicraft, receives the question of the own glueing equipment in the handicraft and industrial companies a value far higher. This changing consciousness at the customers causes the inquiry of some manufacturing carpenters after better glueing-presses.


In the run of 1989 the first Altec-press (MVP - glueing on four levels) is developed and built! In the following years the MVP types constantly further developed ...


and presented 1991 for the first time on the Ligna in Hanover. Not only the furniture builders take advantage of the application of the size presses, but also all kinds of carpenters, interior designers, door manufacturer, stair builder, coffin manufacturer etc.


On the Ligna 1995 then can be introduced the type EB1 glue table and EB 2 mini glueing star. In order to be able to serve also the need of larger enterprises, a new type EB 3-Vario - three level glueing star - is developed and equipped with pneumatic or mechanical hold down clamps, ...


and presented 1996 on the Holzhandwerk-Messe in Nuernberg.
In October 1996 the sale of the company part with woodworking machines took place, and accompanying with it, the moving in larger production and office room at the same location in Voerden. So the capacities became free for much more intensive occupation with production and particularly the advancement of the Altec-presses.


1997 the types EB1 (glueing table) and EB2 (mini glueing star) are replaced by EB1 Vario and EB2 Vario, also with mechanical or pneumatic hold down clamps ...


these types are introduced 1998 also on the fair Holzhandwerk in Nuernberg.

1999   The first Internet site under www.altec pressen.de and altec-online.de is provided.

The Internet services are extended and now contain a german, an english and a spanish presentation.


In the year 2001 after intensive development the first presses of the new powerline series are built! The consistent advancement of the experiences with the well-known glueing techniques leads to to the pressure beam system of the Altec-powerline series with larger press stroke and more power!


In 2002 first lamination-press (standing version) and three level lamination-star are built to glue up to 160 mm!


The web presentation completely changed over to menu concept from the spanish site, which worked satisfactorily and adapted to the new Altec power-line. In addition there is now also a short introduction of the altec products in russian language.

In the future  

Further developments, changes and improvements of course are also to be expected in the future. The company Altec Maschinenbau und Vertrieb GmbH always watches to the needs and experiences of its customers, however, also set its own impulses!


Altec Maschinen- und Anlagenbau AG, Niederlassung Deutschland

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